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Me and Tom’s Ghost Photo

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on January 30, 2011 by helenparker1212

Ok, so while we were at Aberystwyth Uni me and Tom bought this massive tv, and i was so impressed by it I made Tom take a photo of me ‘worshiping’ it. When we got the photographs back from the developer Tom realised there was a reflection in it. not our reflections, someone else. The same reflection is on the negative (checked by professional photographer and digital photographer). The power was off, the tv had been off for a while, there were no ‘remainder images’ the thing was dead. I think it looks like an old man drinking¬† a pint. apparently we later learned the building used to be a pub. We’re not interested in doing anything with this photo because we already believe in ghosts, but people have been hounding me to put it out there, so, here it is. make of it what you will. Except money, if you steal this image i will find you and sue you innit.