Tories, poor people and why we’re all about to get shafted.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

“No one would remember the Good Samaritain if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.”

– Margret Thatcher

At the end of the 1970s this country did a very stupid thing.

Three times.

We elected a Conservative government.

During these governments we witnessed (and to a degree participated in) the most extraordinary and reckless ‘fire-sale’ of domestic infrastructure ever known in our country’s history. Maggy, after a romance with Reagan, sold off the family silver at bargain bin prices, and a lot of people (from both middle and lower classes) became very, VERY rich. A new middle-class was born; swollen at their white collars, these neuve riche swanned about the cities of this country with mobile phones glued permanently to their faces as they bought, sold, undermined, and basically raped and pillaged their way through the fundamental fiscal stability of their own country. And they made LOADS ‘A MONEY! The city of London began to grow taller as the towers of industry began to soar into the very clouds.

Even some of the working classes got thrown a bone and were allowed to buy their council houses. Unfortunately this meant that anyone who needed a council house ended up in a very different kind of tower block.

Of course, there were some other little hiccups during this time of plenty. The government decided to enforce a Poll Tax on its people the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the 14th Century, and the results of which were also remarkably similar.

Yes, learning lessons from the past has never been a British strong point. Which brings me neatly to the present day. Yes everybody’s whinging about the cuts and the deficit and the ConLib pact, but really, we only have ourselves to blame for the shitstorm that’s about to hit us. You see we broke the number one rule. We got all caught up in talk of hung parliaments and LibDem revitalisation and Gordon Brown being a dull bastard and Cameron being a sympathetic character that we forgot the NUMBER ONE RULE of voting for people who earn below £20, 000 a year (the majority of the population by the way), which is NEVER NEVER EVER VOTE ANYTHING BUT LABOUR NO MATTER WHAT.

You see, the clue is in the name – ‘Conservatives’. And we have to go back about a hundred years (not that long ago in the grand scheme of things) to a time when the upper classes were in the minority, the lower classes were the majority, and the middle class was a curious little bastard of economic hybrids. These were the days when most of our ancestors worked either in factories or in domestic service. When school was restricted to the few, and malnourishment was commonplace. In fact, the general working population was in such ill health that, when called upon to fight in the South African war, most recruits were deemed too unfit to fight. Thus, the upper classes were faced with an issue. How to get more healthy soldiers to fight in their foreign imperialist wars. Soldiers to help the rich remain rich and get even richer. The answer was suprisingly simple.

A national health service was born. And from it’s roots our very own NHS would grow.

The perfect soldier-making machine.

Within a generation the working classes were elevated to a level of health which meant that when the Great War came, an entire generation of fit and nourished British men were sent over to France by an over-confident upper class, and summarily obliterated.

It was only after this almost overt disregard for the lives of the common soldiers that the working class began to suspect their social superiors were in fact not all they were cracked up to be. Some have argued that this was the point where the class system in Britain began to finally disintegrate, with the poorer classes abandoning all traditional respect for their supposed betters.

Skill, not inherited wealth, became the medal of social standing, and a new middle class was born, of self-made men working for themselves and overtaking draconian imperial trade with pioneering industry for the masses. The middle class became the dominant class.

But it was here that we made the fatal error which we are still suffering from today.

We forgot what it was like to be ruled by the upper classes.

We even forgot who the upper classes were, and what they stood for.

The Conservation of the old way.

The retention of political and economic power by the historically powerful minority, and the supression of the aspiration and advancement of the lower classes in order to maintain a stable workforce and a reserve of effective soldiers.

In other words, slavery.

The upper classes do not want us to be educated. This is why they support private education while the state system rots and our children fall by the wayside. Nor do they want us to be politically empowered. This is why they dominate every office of power in this country. They do not want us to be socially liberated. This is why they have imposed checks on all modes of public activity and congregation, including policing the right to protest.

Today we can be physically assaulted by the police if we protest.

We think the class system is dead.

We’re dead wrong.

And we’re all about to get shafted.


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