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So the premise of updating Sherlock Holmes to the present day seems so bloomin obvious it should have been done decades ago right? Well now that someone at the BBC has finally decided to pull their finger out of their arse and do it, you’d think they’d create something radical, something imaginative, clever, and worth the long wait. Not to mention the funding. Well we’ve all been proven idiots for expecting anything radical or inventive from the BBC. Sherlock, which aired on Sunday, proved to be little more than a copycat with a mobile phone.

White, middle class, prim English accented, sexually stunted, but most unforgivably comfortably DULL!! Cumberbatch as a leading man is DULL DULL DULL!! He’s a perfect Sherlock Holmes. which is exactly why they shouldn’t have cast him. And OH MY GOD i find it difficult to even put into words the majesty of the mistake in casting Martin Freeman. In anything, let alone as Doctor Watson!! This cretinous master of the awkward twitch and dumbstruck expression seems to be able to worm himself into even the most inappropriate of roles. And yes I am aware of my contradiction, criticising them for casting an obvious then criticising for casting a not so obvious, but it’s different. Martin Freeman is fucking shit. Cumberbatch is a wonderful actor, he’s just unconscionably boring, but Freeman, he couldn’t act his way out of a bag because he only knows one character, the one that made him (ugh) famous.

Or at least famous enough to be cast in Hitchhiker’s Guide – which flopped by the way – go figure. Anyway, back to Sherlock. let’s be constructive about this. actually the storyline wasn’t half bad, just only half good. And I do quite like Rupert Graves as Lestrade, but then again I like Rupert Graves as anything. There was also a token black person who was pretty shit too, some female police officer who – guess what – doesn’t like Holmes of his methods! Shock horror! Here’s a picture of her incase you missed her because her character was appallingly written and also her acting was shit. I’m using that word a lot aren’t I.

I have no doubt the series will improve with age. But the fact is it started with little enough imagination, i don’t really see it accumulating any more, despite the best efforts of Mark Gatiss. hard to believe an ex-League of Gentleman can be attached to such a dull enterprise but ah well, that’s the BBC for you. It’s just astonishing that in a climate of post-Guy Richey/Downy Junior playfulness and reinvention, the best the Brits can manage is this insipid ham.