STARGATE UNIVERSE & DEFYING GRAVITY – Who is responsible for this shit??

Ugh! I just had to suffer through yet another ridiculous episode of Stargate Universe in the vain hope that it might have suddenly become tolerably alright, as opposed to utterly shite. Needless to say I was disappointed. Again. This episode was called ‘Water’ (get it? cos the other episodes were called ‘Air’, ‘Darkness’ and ‘Light’, get it?) and basically what happened was they ran out of water this time, and then there were some alien mosquitos, and then they trapped them in a barrel and threw them through the stargate, and then people went to get some ice, and some douche fell down a cravasse but then got rescued and was alright, and then that annoying man in charge mumbled something to the camera. The end.


I’ve given it a fair chance, I really have, and as an avid Stargate fan I am more inclined to leniency than most viewers, but there is simply no way to polish this turd other than to call it what it is. A steaming pile of horse excretia. The moment the action begins all I’m thinking is, who is this person? Why is she listening to an iPod? Is Robert Carlyle aware of how awful this is? Why is the mumbling man ruffing Carlyle’s hair? Why is that angry black guy so angry all the time? What exactly is the point of any of this?! ARGH! After four episodes why the hell do I still not know or care about who any of these people are?!

But Stargate Universe is not the only new and much hyped sci-fi drama which has failed dismally to engage me. Defying Gravity, the ‘Grey’s Anatomy but in space!’ botch offered to us by BBC2 has already been as good as cancelled in the US with rumours of its sets being dismantled and its time-slot moved into the graveyard. Defying Gravity’s problem is the total opposite of SGU in that we are inundated with the reasons why these characters are doing what they are doing, and they say each other’s names alot so there’s no confusion about who’s who. But the fundamental problem remains: we just don’t give a crapolla about them and what they’re up to. This person fancies this person, and that person cheated on his wife and misses her, and they all want to shag each other and might be turning into aliens by the way.


The unforgivable flaw in these programmes is simple. THEY ARE FUCKING BORING. People stand around and talk a lot, and every now and then someone falls over or cries. In the first episode of Stargate SG-1 people got kidnapped and killed, people got together into teams, aliens blew shit up and mangled people, and everybody sets off to kick butt for the American way. In the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy people get shagged and killed, people get together into teams, surgeons sew shit up and mangle people, and every body sets off to kick butt for the hippocratic way.

SGU and DG have both failed to do any of this stuff in four episodes, let alone in their opening pilots. I just don’t get it. Sci-fi is an extremely popular genre with infinite material and potential to exploit. So with all this potential at their disposal, how on earth have the producers of these two programmes managed to fail so miserably? And, more importantly, how on earth were they allowed to produce this tripe in the first place!? Did someone go on holiday? Or take a nap while these programmes were in production?? Was no one keeping an eye on these projects? Did it never occur to anyone involved that “Oh, this is a bit shit and will probably flop and get cancelled”?


People like to spout bollox about studio executives interfering with programmes to make them more populist, generally copying other successful programmes. If this is the case then what the hell were the studios doing while these programmes were being made? Why weren’t they interfering? Asking dumb questions like “so where are all the aliens? This is sci-fi right?” and “where’s the peril?” I fully understand the desire of a writer and a producer to create something fresh within a genre, however, shirking your genre entirely because you are apparently embarassed by it (Stargate Universe I’m talking to you!) is utter folly, and has apparently resulted in two dramas which had so much potential, but which have, ultimately, fallen flat on their arses. And faces.


44 Responses to “STARGATE UNIVERSE & DEFYING GRAVITY – Who is responsible for this shit??”

  1. i second that!

    • OMG they kill Stargate! I agree with everyone here.

      SGU moldy shit, boring, rotten … I have not read all the reactions on this post because I speak French but I understand the global and AC only confirms my thoughts … What happened? I think they are buying is simply because of money problems or other … Robert C. Cooper left the franchise I understand! … (The 5 Seasons of Atlantis are just a small party of what he would have done if he’d continue the momentum in places out of the shit

      we want the atlantis and sg1 style, not fucking dramashit.

      I wanted to speak on this subject and I enjoy having found this post. thank you

      ps I use the google translator …

  2. I could not agree more. I watch SG:U in the hope that it will improve….and it never does. Absolute boring rubbish…probably the worst thing I have seen Carlyle in and he is always watchable. The only way to rescue this show is have O’Neill and the guy and girl who joined from Farscape, hand out some weapons and start kicking alien ass. Do I want to know about some overweight gamer kids unrequited love for some stuffy senators daughter…no I do not! This is not sci-fi! Blakes 7 did the derelict ship idea so much better. Fire all the fools that made SG:U…RIGHT NOW!

  3. Wow. I though it was just me who hated this pile of shit. (SGU). But no, I am not having a paranoidal experience , other people also think it’s complete rubbish.
    What were the producers thinking . It has no story-lines to speak of. The camera work is totally shit.( That silly floating ball is used to mask bad acting and sets) . There are far too many characters.
    After 4 episodes it has not been explained, who the hell they all are, or what they are doing on this ship . Which means you don’t care about them.
    The episode which started recently on a supposedly lush amazon type forest environment, looked nothing more than a badly dressed and lit studio set, taken straight from an old film starring Doug McClure and Peter Cushing. from one of those old 60’s Hammer films.
    C’mon guys get your act together if you don’t want to be canceled.
    If this show lasts 2 seasons they can count themselves very lucky indeed.
    This will definitely kill the Stargate Franchise stone dead.

  4. i own every stargate episode and boxset.

    i will not be purchasing universe – it is absolute rubbish; my collection is complete as is…

  5. SG:U=grand disappointment

  6. SGU is flaming Crap!! ive watched every episode hoping for more…. and nothing!!! please save the time and energy and take it off air!! bring back atlantis or the old SG1 please!!!!! i’ve had enough!! nothing will make these shit story lines any good!!

  7. 9 episodes gone so far and it’s still just as disappointing. Stargate was killed the day Atlantis was axed =(

  8. well said, im a HUGE fan of the stargate franchise and am still angry that Atlantis was axed (seriously WTF were they thinking).

    so anyway really wanted this to be good and guess what its shit. think i’ve seen up to ep8 or 9 and nothing of any interest has happened i don’t care about the characters other than i want them all to die preferably horribly.

    if i was on destiny i would open a fucking airlock and space everyone for the greater good on the universe!

    I still want to know what happens to Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy and that series ended ages ago! this is not a replacement but an insult to great sci fi.

    Star trek enterprise was crap compared to say DS9 but its 1billion times more enjoyable (and sci fi) than SGU

  9. I agree completely,

    This is just a very poor Drama. that has bad acting, horrible characters that you could not give a shit about, no action, and is just completely boring and pointless, If it wasn’t on a space ship you could call it The Bold & The Beautiful 2

  10. I may be a little biased here because I have only seen one episode of SGU but that one episode was enough to make me want to gag! I am actually grieving for the loss of Stargate! Where is the action? the team work, the humor, that overall feeling of watching something that is so special it has a fan following like no other show. A friend of mine said that he just doesn’t feel the ‘history’ or ‘epic-ness’ in Universe like he felt in SG1 and Atlantis. He said they don’t talk about the ancients, no mention of the previous bad guys and no encounters with the other races and you couldn’t care less about the characters. We both came to the conclusion that Stargate died the day they canceled Atlantis. I know people say we should give SGU a chance because it is still fairly new and it is still trying to find its feet. Well all I can say to that is if they canceled Atlantis to show this crap I hope they pull the rug out from under them. I have never wanted a tv show to be canceled as much as I want Universe to be. This show is an embarrassment to Stargate. Seriously it just pisses me off to how bad it is compared to Atlantis and SG1. I remember watching the first episode of Atlantis. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or hate it. I thought I would miss the characters from SG1 but Atlantis hooked me from the 1st episode and I eventually came to love it more than SG1. So seriously Universe has no excuse. Please do us all a favor and take this poor excuse for a new stargate series off and return Atlantis to the screen. I think fans will come back in droves if Atlantis was picked back up.

  11. SGU is embarrasingly shite, I am ashamed to be human

  12. SGU is a badley written teen soap opera. Not Stargate material!!

    Petition to cancel SGU and bring back SGA/SG1

  13. utter shit so it is

  14. I am a massive science fiction fan. I thought that Stargate Atlantis was really good, the characters were great and well acted and the stories drew you in. However, I have to say, having forced my entire family to watch every episode of the first series of Stargate Universe in the dim hope that something would eventually happen, that it is the biggest waste of time and money that I have ever seen. I seriously wonder whether any science fiction fans were actually involved in its making as I honestly think that any sci-fi fan would have spotted the flaws in this from several light years away. I wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer that it is just really boring.

  15. You are so right thay are both boring shite what is the sfx budget Β£8.12

  16. WTF. I have no real scifi left. Star trek is gone. SG1 and SGA gone. All I have to watch is SGU, every week sitting there like a scifi junkie waiting for my next hit…and pow SGU is the new fix…DONT THINK SO. I find my self watching and starting to think about washing the car and doing the laundry, as it struggles to keep my interest in increments longer that 30 seconds. I am ususlly scared to be even having a go at scifi through fear it may be cancelled, since there is nothing in production, but this is awful! 10 episodes and all I have seen are 2 aliens; 1 a bunch of bloody bugs (wow man heavy shit), and some animal that lives in a mound (although is was cool seeing all the charecters getting killed, seemed only fair given the visual trauma I have had to endure watching this sub standard attempt at scifi.).

    What I really strugle with is this…
    You have a franchise that works and has posibilities eg SGA and SG1
    You decide to cancel them both and have a new show SGU
    Simple logic is that the people who watch the franchise probably like the formula and general look and feel of all of the series.
    You then decide to completly change the formula. Yeah that sounds like a good idea…and hey presto the scifi equivlent to “new coke”…FAIL.

    If I wanted to watch days of our lives, I would…or perhaps I should in case they decided to change their formula and turn thorn or storm or hope in to an alien…

    Last rant would have to be the fact I seem to get sea sick every episode as the camera never seems to stay in one place for longer that a split second. I can only assume the cameraman has a bad crystal meth adiction and cant stand still.

    I do not have the words to tell you all how angry this has made me…why why why have you destroyed the franchise.

    RIP Stargate

    I will not watch again…*sigh*

  17. Ditto on everything here… except the RIP Stargate thing. don’t give up hope! To the Producers: We will forgive and forget SGU if you bring SGA back! why would you cancel? it had so far to go… You can still restart! getting atlantis back to the pegasus, todd and the anti Iwratis bug injection… so many avenues that haven’t been explored…

    Why Change Something thats not broke?

  18. So long I’ve waited for a new sci-fi show to enjoy,I’ve waited for all episodes to air so I can watch them all in a couple of sittings with my wife (who I have converted into a stargate freak…lol)
    Unfortunately even after dedicating myself to add free viewing I am disheartened,It’s just so damn boring……..and WTF is up with these sex scenes and lesbians?
    This is sci-fi for crying out loud! After 9 episodes all I’ve seen is a bunch of B-grade soap opera acting with the hint of sand and bugs to wet my alien appetite,I’ve had enough of this crap and hope they pluck some new characters from their asses or can it,I’m a sci-fi nut and if I feel this way about it how the hell do they expect to gain new followers.

    Oh one more thing,the captain needs to go,he’s just bad in so many ways it’s not funny.Come to think about it,besides Rush I don’t think there is one character that I actually like.What a Damn shame!

  19. It is not just crap, it is indigestible shit. Worst I have ever experienced.
    Yes, you have all seen it as well. It is not just boring, but I feel sick after watching it. I stopped at episode 8. Better use the time for cleaning – it is far more fun.

  20. I think the answer to this is quite simple BATTLE STAR GALACTICA, the remake was smart, stylish, sexy and dramatic it was a new way of doing sci-fi, SG1 is infamous for taking the piss out of its self and scifi shows in general ( somjehting i quite like about SG1), BSG was the opposite to SG1, SGA, even startrek, and on top of it being more main stream BSG got awards.

    The producers of the botty water they call SG:U and DG have tried to use this idea of cool, smart, main stream dramatisation and forgot abotu the scifi aspect, from what i can tell in SG:U each week they just run out of a basic human reuirment, food, water, airi sure one of teh upcomning episodes will be about how they have a lack of toilet roll and the ship will stop ata planet with toilet roll tree’s.

    writers need to realise that BSG was amazing and uncopiable, just like Dr Who, it only works the way it works, bring back the scifi that has fantastical story lines, the lead man shags the alien at some point, the baddies die, some good guys you never met die, and then someone says something corny and that’s the end of the episode.

    if I want to watch a drama where people discuss there feelings towards each other and how they cant ever date because of the memory of something that happened long ago that no one cares about then i will watch one of the hundreds of shite day time dramas. just leave Sci-fi alone please. pretty please.

  21. you are so fucking right, SHYTE who the fuck do they think they are fucking up the SG- with mindless boring boring FUCKING BORING..!!! i end up ff>> sometimes all the fucking way through….get a fucking grip and don’t get me started on LOST. fucking FLASH BACK fucking HELL…..!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i have 2 give it, you all are blind. sgu was made 2 b diffrent from regular sg formats. its more than last-minute-save-the-day crap. wow, were in trouble. oh, look. mckay just pulled a last minute trick outta his ass. both sg1 and sga repeated this format over too many years so eventually the producers got bored and axed it. i liked it but could predict wat would happen. if u say dull things like “whos this?” or “what are they doing on the ship?” then u really need to go bak 2 ep1 and pay attention

  23. bet this gets cut out by the moderator

  24. The ‘moderator’ would like to assure you all that all opinions are welcome even if they’re twaddle. Also remember to check out other posts on the site, they’ll give you a giggle.

  25. I agree with most of the posters. This SG:U show is utter soap opera tripe. Please bring back Atlantis. They had everything this show lacks: action, teamwork, and a feeling that they were actually the good guys, not a bunch of neurotic losers backstabbing and screwing each other on an ancient spaceship.

  26. Oktober2250 Says:

    I like Rush in SGU, he looks quite happy to me by traveling thru space with his gay ship.

    Others however are constantly moaning how they want to get home and doing some stupid stone communication with earth and that ruins it all for me.

    Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong, Telford, Ronald Greer should be removed.

    – ELI WALLACE is desiring a girlfriend but doesn’t get one because he is fat. DO SOMETHING! (Chloe Armstrong hint, hint)
    – Matthew Scott already has a retarded ex girl on earth and a kid why does he additionally need Chloe Armstrong just because hes a fuc*er face?
    – Telford, stupid clown. Constantly sitting by the stones
    – Ronald Greer they made him with such temperament that makes him look uber gay (his daddy was in army and spanked him,..)

    – TAMARA JOHANSEN is awsome (hot) in any perspective!^^ A big + for SGU.

    I think I quite like SGU.

  27. Hate to say it everyone, but I really like the show. It’s different that SG1 and SGA, darker, a bit more dramatic but I think it’s consistently an excellent hour of television. I like when there’s a strong human element to science fiction. We should give it a chance to be what it is rather than damn it for not being another show.

  28. Jawaballs Says:

    I only got through about half of your article, and I know that since you wrote this, about 5 episodes in, the series has about doubled in length. But I have to say you are wrong, wrong and wrong. First of all, what the hell are you looking for? Zena Warrior Princess? Heroes? Chuck? I hate to tell you, but there is very little in the way of sci-fi/fantasy television entertainment out there. The 90s are over, and so are Kevin Sorbo and MacGuyver in space.

    True, you may be in some BSG euphoria, and second true, you may be hugely disappointed in that sham called Caprica, but to take out your nerd rage on the second decent thing Sci-Fi has done in 10 years is just misplaced.

    Sure SGU had a slow start. A decent premise was bogged down by ineffectual acting and undeveloped characters. Hmm, remind you of any thing? How bout BSG circa late 70s. The only reason why any one watched that show at all is that it had pretty lasers like Star Wars, and space fighters, which they got sued for. The remake was popular because we already knew the characters. As true a fan of the show that we all are, take away the already established character development, as gender misguided as it may have been, and we will all have changed the channel shortly into the first hour of the mini series. But we watched, and it prospered.

    Well, enter SGU. A show starting from scratch. God forbid we have to spend a few episodes figuring out what the characters are all about. Last week’s episode, about your angry blackman, was nothing but character development, and I loved every second of it. Just because a show is taking it’s time to create characters that the audience may care about, instead of jumping right into dog fights and blaster wars, you have to pass judgement like a typical nerd angry about the concession line at his annual comicon running out of chicken nuggets.

    Well boyo, hate to tell you but you are wrong. The show never moved time slots in the states, and yes, it has been renewed for a second season.

    Each episode is better then the one before, and since BSG ended, I finally have a reason to watch TV on Friday again.


  29. Jawaballs Says:

    And another thing, I just managed to get a chance to read some of the comments, and a few of you guys need a good ole American slap. Without getting into it too deeply, comparing SGU to the other two stargate series is just stupid and uneducated. You need yet another series full of forced action and contrived ratings plots? Wasn’t Atlantis enough? Didn’t you get enough of that crap with the rest of the 90s garbage? What about that sci-fi show with all the aliens in silly masks… Farscape? Yet more Sorbo? Is that why you don’t like SUG? Hercules is not commanding the Destiny?

    I didn’t watch much of stargate before SGU, but the few episodes I did watch were just dumb… Oh wait, MacGuyver is flying a star fighter and the bald general is commanding a Star Destroyer? Wait, is this the late 70s again? Did Starbuck ever make any guest appearance? Male or female…

    I think they need to create a special channel just for the idiots out there who need to be spoon fed mindless sci-fi dribble, show after show. Put some extras in rubber masks, give them a laser gun and another guy in a rubber mask to use it against, throw in a few boobs and hot alien chicks spouting techno-babble and you will all be happy.


  30. Jawaballs, I think revealing the fact that you didn’t watch much or like much Stargate pre-Universe was unwise. But I uphold the rights of all to post their opinions. BTW, I’ve been watching random episodes of SGU recently, and it’s still unformulated clap-trap. Also, quit talking about ‘we’ when it comes to the BSG remake. That series was astonishing from episode 1, even if it did suffer towards the end. And ANOTHER thing, just to finish. Extras in rubber masks, laser guns, boobs, hot alien chicks and techno-babble are the fundamentals of sci-fi tv. anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that, doesn’t appreciate sci-fi. At all.
    End of message.

  31. I’ve been into Sci-Fi all my life and was a hardcore SG-1 fangirl, but Atlantis just epically failed. The effects were nicely done but that’s literally the only thing I can say about that show. Space-vampires?! Come on. The cast were uninspired and the characters were so 1-dimensional, it wasn’t funny. I loved the Goa’uld and the ori made for a really interesting and ethically challanging story, but space vampires?!?
    I think the people that are asking for alyumz and gun fights in space don’t really understand what Sci-Fi is about. Sci Fi =/= big boom in space. Sci Fi is about how people and society react under fictional circumstances.
    Here’s a dictionairy definition for y’all: “This fiction deals with the influence of real or imagined science on society or individuals.”
    (source: ).

    I can respect that SGU doesn’t suit your taste – to each their own. But not calling it Sci Fi, when indeed it is more sci fi then anything Stargate has produced so far (certainly more then Fail-Atlantis) is just plain uneducated and rediculous. Do I like SGU? So far I do. I think the characters are multi-dimensional and interesting. I don’t like it for the same reasons I loved SG1, but it definitely has it’s place. I too am craving some aliens, but that’s more of a SG-1 nostalgia thing. I really don’t want SGU to give up it’s character-focus however and become as flat, boring and CANCELLED as SGA.

  32. This is so sad, I am a huge SG-1 fan and I really liked Atlantis too but SGU has been a big let down. The Show is called Stargate Universe but if you watch the show you soon realize they dont even use the Stargate that much, kind of makes you wonder why they would call it Stargate when most episodes are about the characters personal transformations. Its almost like Bold and the beautiful in space on a busted ass ship, how many episodes are we in now and they are still restricted to the same parts of the ship as episode one, There is nothing sci fi about this show, its all romantic drama with too many fucking D&M (deep and meaningful) moments. SG-1 was a proper sci fi show and they ACTUALLY USED THE STARGATE to travel to alien worlds and discover new people and things. As someone who watched a lot of TV shows SGU is one of the worst, I dont see Robert carlyle staying for too long, SGU is going to become a career killer. I miss SG-1.

  33. Firefly had character development and look what happened to it. I thought firefly was better then this crap. Had better acting and interesting characters that you cared about. I hope that aliens suddently pop out of nowhere and blow SGU ship to bits. Now that would add to the shows excitement and and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and forget this dreadful mistake. Also since the axing of many good scifi shows I almost never watch tv anymore cause there is nothing good to watch except crappy dramas and crimeshows. Thanks I think Ill just read a book instead. Seriously I have a more interesting life than the people on that ship. Most Importently Bring back SGA!

  34. Michael Farrell Says:

    After watching the first several episodes, 11 to be exact, I finally see some real aliens on a viable alien ship. I kept wondering throughout the series…where are all the damn aliens? What made the original Stargate series good and Stargate Atlantis wonderful was that during each show, the team would go through the stargate and encounter various life forms that weren’t human; but this does not happen in Stargate Universe. There does not seem to be any real plot for the story. And they haven’t even encountered a real nemesis yet? In SG1, the goa’uld were discovered within the first episode…the wraith within the first episode of Atlantis. But with Universe…nothing but humans obsessed with themselves and their own survival…yes survival is important, but couldn’t the writers have given the show more action and suspense? I am getting tired of the episodes where they never even travel through the stargate, and the boring atmosphere. When they actually do go through the gate, they arrive on barely habitable planets, with no humanoid life or other cognitive life for that matter. Boring!! This show does not have the true Stargate feel to it, like prior shows do in this franchise…come on–its Syfy! We expect more from them than they are giving us, and so they are letting us down. And to believe, Syfy is approving a second season of 20 hours of episodes! I can’t wait to sit and watch more boringly plotless episodes with no aliens or action packed scenes like the older shows had. And cutting out Stargate Atlantis was the worst decision they could make. Remember the episode of, I believe, the second season where a Go’auld member of the Trust infiltrated Atlantis–a supposedly powerful alien from what we remember from the original Stargate series…on Atlantis!! Awesome, until he did not even put up a fight at the end…he said he had the strength of many men, and yet got tasered without a fight. But I digress…what the franchise should have done is combine Stargate and Atlantis together…since Atlantis made it back to Earth, they should have combined the two shows together, or at least take this into consideration when designing a new show. I am severely disappointed in the way things have been done with the new show.

  35. SG:U is utter shite! Nuf said!

  36. And catch what most people think about it on The show is BAD.

  37. For more discussions here’s the link

  38. Pascal de Geest Says:

    They started up SGU in Belgium a few weeks ago, and indeed this is not only shit ths is “BIG” shit. Only a few things are acceptable to look at : The tits of Julia Benson and …. well … hmmm… I guess that’s it. πŸ™‚

  39. Ah God help me. There’s nothing else on and I’m watching SGU and I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how good the story lines might be, all you need is bunch of grade A holes as your stock actors to turn the piece into fun with fecal matter.

  40. I’m curious as to what you think now given SGU is cancelled.

  41. I think we can all agree that Jawaballs or however you spell it can suck balls. As for Stargate Universe, thank god! finally Robert Carlyle can get back to some PROPER acting.

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